Class PerpetualCommand

All Implemented Interfaces:
Sendable, Command

public class PerpetualCommand
extends CommandBase
A command that runs another command in perpetuity, ignoring that command's end conditions. While this class does not extend CommandGroupBase, it is still considered a CommandGroup, as it allows one to compose another command within it; the command instances that are passed to it cannot be added to any other groups, or scheduled individually.

As a rule, CommandGroups require the union of the requirements of their component commands.

This class is provided by the NewCommands VendorDep

  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • PerpetualCommand

      public PerpetualCommand​(Command command)
      Creates a new PerpetualCommand. Will run another command in perpetuity, ignoring that command's end conditions, unless this command itself is interrupted.
      command - the command to run perpetually
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      public void initialize()
      Description copied from interface: Command
      The initial subroutine of a command. Called once when the command is initially scheduled.
    • execute

      public void execute()
      Description copied from interface: Command
      The main body of a command. Called repeatedly while the command is scheduled.
    • end

      public void end​(boolean interrupted)
      Description copied from interface: Command
      The action to take when the command ends. Called when either the command finishes normally, or when it interrupted/canceled.

      Do not schedule commands here that share requirements with this command. Use Command.andThen(Command...) instead.

      interrupted - whether the command was interrupted/canceled
    • runsWhenDisabled

      public boolean runsWhenDisabled()
      Description copied from interface: Command
      Whether the given command should run when the robot is disabled. Override to return true if the command should run when disabled.
      whether the command should run when the robot is disabled
    • perpetually

      Description copied from interface: Command
      Decorates this command to run perpetually, ignoring its ordinary end conditions. The decorated command can still be interrupted or canceled.

      Note: This decorator works by composing this command within a CommandGroup. The command cannot be used independently after being decorated, or be re-decorated with a different decorator, unless it is manually cleared from the list of grouped commands with CommandGroupBase.clearGroupedCommand(Command). The decorated command can, however, be further decorated without issue.

      the decorated command