Class SwerveDriveOdometry


public class SwerveDriveOdometry
extends Object
Class for swerve drive odometry. Odometry allows you to track the robot's position on the field over a course of a match using readings from your swerve drive encoders and swerve azimuth encoders.

Teams can use odometry during the autonomous period for complex tasks like path following. Furthermore, odometry can be used for latency compensation when using computer-vision systems.

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    • resetPosition

      public void resetPosition​(Rotation2d gyroAngle, SwerveModulePosition[] modulePositions, Pose2d pose)
      Resets the robot's position on the field.

      The gyroscope angle does not need to be reset here on the user's robot code. The library automatically takes care of offsetting the gyro angle.

      Similarly, module positions do not need to be reset in user code.

      gyroAngle - The angle reported by the gyroscope.
      modulePositions - The wheel positions reported by each module.,
      pose - The position on the field that your robot is at.
    • getPoseMeters

      Returns the position of the robot on the field.
      The pose of the robot (x and y are in meters).
    • update

      public Pose2d update​(Rotation2d gyroAngle, SwerveModulePosition[] modulePositions)
      Updates the robot's position on the field using forward kinematics and integration of the pose over time. This method automatically calculates the current time to calculate period (difference between two timestamps). The period is used to calculate the change in distance from a velocity. This also takes in an angle parameter which is used instead of the angular rate that is calculated from forward kinematics.
      gyroAngle - The angle reported by the gyroscope.
      modulePositions - The current position of all swerve modules. Please provide the positions in the same order in which you instantiated your SwerveDriveKinematics.
      The new pose of the robot.