Class AprilTagDetector.QuadThresholdParameters

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public static class AprilTagDetector.QuadThresholdParameters
extends Object
Quad threshold parameters.
  • Field Details

    • minClusterPixels

      public int minClusterPixels
      Threshold used to reject quads containing too few pixels. Default is 5 pixels.
    • maxNumMaxima

      public int maxNumMaxima
      How many corner candidates to consider when segmenting a group of pixels into a quad. Default is 10.
    • criticalAngle

      public double criticalAngle
      Critical angle, in radians. The detector will reject quads where pairs of edges have angles that are close to straight or close to 180 degrees. Zero means that no quads are rejected. Default is 10 degrees.
    • maxLineFitMSE

      public float maxLineFitMSE
      When fitting lines to the contours, the maximum mean squared error allowed. This is useful in rejecting contours that are far from being quad shaped; rejecting these quads "early" saves expensive decoding processing. Default is 10.0.
    • minWhiteBlackDiff

      public int minWhiteBlackDiff
      Minimum brightness offset. When we build our model of black & white pixels, we add an extra check that the white model must be (overall) brighter than the black model. How much brighter? (in pixel values, [0,255]). Default is 5.
    • deglitch

      public boolean deglitch
      Whether the thresholded image be should be deglitched. Only useful for very noisy images. Default is disabled (false).
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