Class TrajectoryConfig


public class TrajectoryConfig
extends Object
Represents the configuration for generating a trajectory. This class stores the start velocity, end velocity, max velocity, max acceleration, custom constraints, and the reversed flag.

The class must be constructed with a max velocity and max acceleration. The other parameters (start velocity, end velocity, constraints, reversed) have been defaulted to reasonable values (0, 0, {}, false). These values can be changed via the setXXX methods.

  • Constructor Details

    • TrajectoryConfig

      public TrajectoryConfig​(double maxVelocityMetersPerSecond, double maxAccelerationMetersPerSecondSq)
      Constructs the trajectory configuration class.
      maxVelocityMetersPerSecond - The max velocity for the trajectory.
      maxAccelerationMetersPerSecondSq - The max acceleration for the trajectory.
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