Class StartEndCommand

All Implemented Interfaces:
Sendable, Command

public class StartEndCommand
extends FunctionalCommand
A command that runs a given runnable when it is initialized, and another runnable when it ends. Useful for running and then stopping a motor, or extending and then retracting a solenoid. Has no end condition as-is; either subclass it or use Command.withTimeout(double) or Command.until(java.util.function.BooleanSupplier) to give it one.

This class is provided by the NewCommands VendorDep

  • Constructor Details

    • StartEndCommand

      public StartEndCommand​(Runnable onInit, Runnable onEnd, Subsystem... requirements)
      Creates a new StartEndCommand. Will run the given runnables when the command starts and when it ends.
      onInit - the Runnable to run on command init
      onEnd - the Runnable to run on command end
      requirements - the subsystems required by this command