Class TimeSyncEventData


public final class TimeSyncEventData
extends Object
NetworkTables time sync event data.
  • Field Details

    • serverTimeOffset

      public final long serverTimeOffset
      Offset between local time and server time, in microseconds. Add this value to local time to get the estimated equivalent server time.
    • rtt2

      public final long rtt2
      Measured round trip time divided by 2, in microseconds.
    • valid

      public final boolean valid
      If serverTimeOffset and RTT are valid. An event with this set to false is sent when the client disconnects.
  • Constructor Details

    • TimeSyncEventData

      public TimeSyncEventData​(long serverTimeOffset, long rtt2, boolean valid)
      Constructor. This should generally only be used internally to NetworkTables.
      serverTimeOffset - Server time offset
      rtt2 - Round trip time divided by 2
      valid - If other parameters are valid