Class WaitForChildren

All Implemented Interfaces:
Sendable, AutoCloseable

public class WaitForChildren
extends Command
This command will only finish if whatever CommandGroup it is in has no active children. If it is not a part of a CommandGroup, then it will finish immediately. If it is itself an active child, then the CommandGroup will never end.

This class is useful for the situation where you want to allow anything running in parallel to finish, before continuing in the main CommandGroup sequence.

This class is provided by the OldCommands VendorDep

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    • isFinished

      protected boolean isFinished()
      Description copied from class: Command
      Returns whether this command is finished. If it is, then the command will be removed and end() will be called.

      It may be useful for a team to reference the isTimedOut() method for time-sensitive commands.

      Returning false will result in the command never ending automatically. It may still be canceled manually or interrupted by another command. Returning true will result in the command executing once and finishing immediately. We recommend using InstantCommand for this.

      Specified by:
      isFinished in class Command
      whether this command is finished.
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