Class InternalButton

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class InternalButton
extends Button
This Button is intended to be used within a program. The programmer can manually set its value. * Also includes a setting for whether or not it should invert its value.

This class is provided by the OldCommands VendorDep

  • Constructor Details

    • InternalButton

      public InternalButton()
      Creates an InternalButton that is not inverted.
    • InternalButton

      public InternalButton​(boolean inverted)
      Creates an InternalButton which is inverted depending on the input.
      inverted - if false, then this button is pressed when set to true, otherwise it is pressed when set to false.
  • Method Details

    • setInverted

      public void setInverted​(boolean inverted)
    • setPressed

      public void setPressed​(boolean pressed)
    • get

      public boolean get()
      Description copied from class: Trigger
      Returns whether or not the trigger is active.

      This method will be called repeatedly a command is linked to the Trigger.

      Specified by:
      get in class Trigger
      whether or not the trigger condition is active.