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As WPI and FIRST have continued to work together to make it easier for teams to connect, share, and receive information to improve upon the successes of their teams, this website has been the first step.  Since that time, WPI and FIRST have received a grant from NSF to continue this development.  We are currently working on an interactive site, dubbed "ThinkTank", which aims to lower the barrier of entry for new teams and increase retention of veteran teams as information is centralized and collaborated upon to build the best possible source of knowledge for the FIRST community.

Please visit where you will find all the documents and information posted here.  Eventually, all information here will be completely converted to and replaced by the ThinkTank.  Your feedback is always welcome at


FIRST in collaboration with WPI is working to create online training tools to assist teams and volunteers with their FIRST experience.  As all of our programs grow, the need for useful and accurate information to support team and individual efforts will become even more critical.  At the same time, an ever-growing population in the FIRST Community will expand the opportunity for development of papers, presentations, and tools that can be shared through this website.

 The goal of this website is to provide FIRST members with tools that can help with their continued growth and development through all levels and aspects of the program.  By offering a centralized source and a procedure for reviewing content, the process by which all FIRST members share and access useful information can be streamlined. 

 Your feedback along with requests for content are welcomed and encouraged in order for us to maximize the usefulness of this site.  If you have content you would like to submit for publication here, please forward a one-page summary.  All requests and proposals should be sent to

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