About WPI

Founded in Worcester, Mass., in 1865, WPI is one of the nation's earliest technological universities. From our founding days, we've taken a unique approach to technological education.

Where science and technology meet real-world problems

We believe that students should understand how to apply knowledge – not just how to cite facts and theories. Our undergraduate and graduate students emerge ready to take on some of the most difficult challenges in science and technology – and, more important, understand how their work can truly impact society and improve our lives.

A national model for education

According to William Wulf, president of the National Academy of Engineering, "The kind of engineering education at WPI is a model of what engineering education should be." We also have received recognition from a number of other institutions and individuals for our high quality and unique approach to education.

Outstanding academics, faculty, and research programs

WPI's 18 academic departments offer more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degrees, including the MS, ME, MBA and PhD. We have world-class faculty who work with our students in a number of cutting-edge research organizations that are discovering innovations in biotechnology, nanotechnology, information security, among others.

If you find our fresh perspective on science and technology education exciting, we hope you'll join us-whether you want to pursue a degree or just upgrade your skills.

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