Volunteer Challenges

This year's volunteer challenges will be managed in LearnMate, thanks to the generous donation of intelitek.

These challenges serve not only as an opportunity for you to test your knowledge around your volunteer positions, but for your trainer's to understand areas that can use more focus as they develop their materials.  In the future, these challenges may be a required part of being a lead volunteer, just like attending the training sessions.  By using a system like LearnMate, everyone can easily track their progress, know their status, and update their skills.


Accessing and using LearnMate is simple and intuitive.  The instructions below will walk you through all steps of the process.  If you get stuck, just return to this page for help.  If you still are having trouble, send an email to cshaver@usfirst.org explaining your problem.


To login to LearnMate:


To change your password in LearnMate:


To take your challenge in LearnMate:


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