Class ImageWindow

  • public final class ImageWindow
    extends Object
    This class was designed to create and manipulate the Windows to be used by the HighGui class.
    • Field Detail

      • img

        public Mat img
      • alreadyUsed

        public Boolean alreadyUsed
      • imgToBeResized

        public Boolean imgToBeResized
      • windowToBeResized

        public Boolean windowToBeResized
      • positionToBeChanged

        public Boolean positionToBeChanged
      • flag

        public int flag
      • x

        public int x
      • y

        public int y
      • width

        public int width
      • height

        public int height
    • Constructor Detail

      • ImageWindow

        public ImageWindow​(String name,
                           Mat img)
      • ImageWindow

        public ImageWindow​(String name,
                           int flag)
    • Method Detail

      • keepAspectRatioSize

        public static Size keepAspectRatioSize​(int original_width,
                                               int original_height,
                                               int bound_width,
                                               int bound_height)
      • setMat

        public void setMat​(Mat img)
      • setFrameLabelVisible

        public void setFrameLabelVisible​(JFrame frame,
                                         JLabel lbl)
      • setNewDimension

        public void setNewDimension​(int width,
                                    int height)
      • setNewPosition

        public void setNewPosition​(int x,
                                   int y)