Class RuntimeDetector

  • public final class RuntimeDetector
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getFilePrefix

        public static String getFilePrefix()
        Get the file prefix for the current system.
      • getFileExtension

        public static String getFileExtension()
        Get the file extension for the current system.
      • getPlatformPath

        public static String getPlatformPath()
        Get the platform path for the current system.
      • getLibraryResource

        public static String getLibraryResource​(String libName)
        Get the path to the requested resource.
      • getHashLibraryResource

        public static String getHashLibraryResource​(String libName)
        Get the path to the hash to the requested resource.
      • isAthena

        public static boolean isAthena()
      • isRaspbian

        public static boolean isRaspbian()
        check if os is raspbian.
        if os is raspbian
      • isLinux

        public static boolean isLinux()
      • isWindows

        public static boolean isWindows()
      • isMac

        public static boolean isMac()
      • is32BitIntel

        public static boolean is32BitIntel()
      • is64BitIntel

        public static boolean is64BitIntel()