Class VisionRunner<P extends VisionPipeline>

  • @Deprecated
    public class VisionRunner<P extends VisionPipeline>
    extends Object
    Replaced with
    A vision runner is a convenient wrapper object to make it easy to run vision pipelines from robot code. The easiest way to use this is to run it in a VisionThread and use the listener to take snapshots of the pipeline's outputs.
    See Also:
    VisionPipeline, VisionThread, vision
    • Constructor Detail

      • VisionRunner

        public VisionRunner​(VideoSource videoSource,
                            P pipeline,
                            VisionRunner.Listener<? super P> listener)
        Creates a new vision runner. It will take images from the videoSource, send them to the pipeline, and call the listener when the pipeline has finished to alert user code when it is safe to access the pipeline's outputs.
        videoSource - the video source to use to supply images for the pipeline
        pipeline - the vision pipeline to run
        listener - a function to call after the pipeline has finished running
    • Method Detail

      • runOnce

        public void runOnce()
        Runs the pipeline one time, giving it the next image from the video source specified in the constructor. This will block until the source either has an image or throws an error. If the source successfully supplied a frame, the pipeline's image input will be set, the pipeline will run, and the listener specified in the constructor will be called to notify it that the pipeline ran.

        This method is exposed to allow teams to add additional functionality or have their own ways to run the pipeline. Most teams, however, should just use runForever() in its own thread using a VisionThread.

      • runForever

        public void runForever()
        A convenience method that calls runOnce() in an infinite loop. This must be run in a dedicated thread, and cannot be used in the main robot thread because it will freeze the robot program.

        Do not call this method directly from the main thread.

        IllegalStateException - if this is called from the main robot thread
        See Also:
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Stop a RunForever() loop.