Class Trajectory.State

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class Trajectory.State
    extends Object
    Represents a time-parameterized trajectory. The trajectory contains of various States that represent the pose, curvature, time elapsed, velocity, and acceleration at that point.
    • Field Detail

      • timeSeconds

        public double timeSeconds
      • velocityMetersPerSecond

        public double velocityMetersPerSecond
      • accelerationMetersPerSecondSq

        public double accelerationMetersPerSecondSq
      • poseMeters

        public Pose2d poseMeters
      • curvatureRadPerMeter

        public double curvatureRadPerMeter
    • Constructor Detail

      • State

        public State()
      • State

        public State​(double timeSeconds,
                     double velocityMetersPerSecond,
                     double accelerationMetersPerSecondSq,
                     Pose2d poseMeters,
                     double curvatureRadPerMeter)
        Constructs a State with the specified parameters.
        timeSeconds - The time elapsed since the beginning of the trajectory.
        velocityMetersPerSecond - The speed at that point of the trajectory.
        accelerationMetersPerSecondSq - The acceleration at that point of the trajectory.
        poseMeters - The pose at that point of the trajectory.
        curvatureRadPerMeter - The curvature at that point of the trajectory.