Class Vector2d

  • public class Vector2d
    extends Object
    This is a 2D vector struct that supports basic vector operations.
    • Field Detail

      • x

        public double x
      • y

        public double y
    • Constructor Detail

      • Vector2d

        public Vector2d()
      • Vector2d

        public Vector2d​(double x,
                        double y)
    • Method Detail

      • rotate

        public void rotate​(double angle)
        Rotate a vector in Cartesian space.
        angle - angle in degrees by which to rotate vector counter-clockwise.
      • dot

        public double dot​(Vector2d vec)
        Returns dot product of this vector with argument.
        vec - Vector with which to perform dot product.
      • magnitude

        public double magnitude()
        Returns magnitude of vector.
      • scalarProject

        public double scalarProject​(Vector2d vec)
        Returns scalar projection of this vector onto argument.
        vec - Vector onto which to project this vector.