Class Threads

  • public final class Threads
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getCurrentThreadPriority

        public static int getCurrentThreadPriority()
        Get the thread priority for the current thread.
        The current thread priority. Scaled 1-99.
      • getCurrentThreadIsRealTime

        public static boolean getCurrentThreadIsRealTime()
        Get if the current thread is realtime.
        If the current thread is realtime
      • setCurrentThreadPriority

        public static boolean setCurrentThreadPriority​(boolean realTime,
                                                       int priority)
        Sets the thread priority for the current thread.
        realTime - Set to true to set a realtime priority, false for standard priority
        priority - Priority to set the thread to. Scaled 1-99, with 1 being highest. On RoboRIO, priority is ignored for non realtime setting
        The success state of setting the priority