Class PowerDistributionPanel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Sendable, AutoCloseable

    public class PowerDistributionPanel
    extends SendableBase
    Class for getting voltage, current, temperature, power and energy from the Power Distribution Panel over CAN.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PowerDistributionPanel

        public PowerDistributionPanel​(int module)
        module - The CAN ID of the PDP
      • PowerDistributionPanel

        public PowerDistributionPanel()
        Constructor. Uses the default CAN ID (0).
    • Method Detail

      • getVoltage

        public double getVoltage()
        Query the input voltage of the PDP.
        The voltage of the PDP in volts
      • getTemperature

        public double getTemperature()
        Query the temperature of the PDP.
        The temperature of the PDP in degrees Celsius
      • getCurrent

        public double getCurrent​(int channel)
        Query the current of a single channel of the PDP.
        The current of one of the PDP channels (channels 0-15) in Amperes
      • getTotalCurrent

        public double getTotalCurrent()
        Query the current of all monitored PDP channels (0-15).
        The current of all the channels in Amperes
      • getTotalPower

        public double getTotalPower()
        Query the total power drawn from the monitored PDP channels.
        the total power in Watts
      • getTotalEnergy

        public double getTotalEnergy()
        Query the total energy drawn from the monitored PDP channels.
        the total energy in Joules
      • resetTotalEnergy

        public void resetTotalEnergy()
        Reset the total energy to 0.
      • clearStickyFaults

        public void clearStickyFaults()
        Clear all PDP sticky faults.
      • initSendable

        public void initSendable​(SendableBuilder builder)
        Description copied from interface: Sendable
        Initializes this Sendable object.
        builder - sendable builder