Class EntryNotification

  • public final class EntryNotification
    extends Object
    NetworkTables Entry notification.
    • Field Detail

      • listener

        public final int listener
        Listener that was triggered.
      • entry

        public final int entry
        Entry handle.
      • name

        public final String name
        Entry name.
      • flags

        public final int flags
        Update flags. For example, EntryListenerFlags.kNew if the key did not previously exist.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EntryNotification

        public EntryNotification​(NetworkTableInstance inst,
                                 int listener,
                                 int entry,
                                 String name,
                                 NetworkTableValue value,
                                 int flags)
        Constructor. This should generally only be used internally to NetworkTables.
        inst - Instance
        listener - Listener that was triggered
        entry - Entry handle
        name - Entry name
        value - The new value
        flags - Update flags
    • Method Detail

      • getEntry

        public NetworkTableEntry getEntry()
        Get the entry as an object.
        NetworkTableEntry for this entry.