Class ConnectionInfo

  • public final class ConnectionInfo
    extends Object
    NetworkTables Connection information.
    • Field Detail

      • remote_ip

        public final String remote_ip
        The IP address of the remote node.
      • remote_port

        public final int remote_port
        The port number of the remote node.
      • last_update

        public final long last_update
        The last time any update was received from the remote node (same scale as returned by
      • protocol_version

        public final int protocol_version
        The protocol version being used for this connection. This is in protocol layer format, so 0x0200 = 2.0, 0x0300 = 3.0).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectionInfo

        public ConnectionInfo​(String remoteId,
                              String remoteIp,
                              int remotePort,
                              long lastUpdate,
                              int protocolVersion)
        Constructor. This should generally only be used internally to NetworkTables.
        remoteId - Remote identifier
        remoteIp - Remote IP address
        remotePort - Remote port number
        lastUpdate - Last time an update was received
        protocolVersion - The protocol version used for the connection