Class CANStatus

  • public class CANStatus
    extends Object
    Structure for holding the result of a CAN Status request.
    • Field Detail

      • percentBusUtilization

        public double percentBusUtilization
        The utilization of the CAN Bus.
      • busOffCount

        public int busOffCount
        The CAN Bus off count.
      • txFullCount

        public int txFullCount
        The CAN Bus TX full count.
      • receiveErrorCount

        public int receiveErrorCount
        The CAN Bus receive error count.
      • transmitErrorCount

        public int transmitErrorCount
        The CAN Bus transmit error count.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CANStatus

        public CANStatus()
    • Method Detail

      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(double percentBusUtilization,
                              int busOffCount,
                              int txFullCount,
                              int receiveErrorCount,
                              int transmitErrorCount)