Class HAL

  • public final class HAL
    extends JNIWrapper
    JNI Wrapper for HAL
    • Field Detail

      • kMaxJoystickAxes

        public static int kMaxJoystickAxes
      • kMaxJoystickPOVs

        public static int kMaxJoystickPOVs
    • Method Detail

      • waitForDSData

        public static void waitForDSData()
      • initialize

        public static boolean initialize​(int timeout,
                                         int mode)
      • observeUserProgramStarting

        public static void observeUserProgramStarting()
      • observeUserProgramDisabled

        public static void observeUserProgramDisabled()
      • observeUserProgramAutonomous

        public static void observeUserProgramAutonomous()
      • observeUserProgramTeleop

        public static void observeUserProgramTeleop()
      • observeUserProgramTest

        public static void observeUserProgramTest()
      • report

        public static void report​(int resource,
                                  int instanceNumber)
      • report

        public static void report​(int resource,
                                  int instanceNumber,
                                  int context)
      • report

        public static int report​(int resource,
                                 int instanceNumber,
                                 int context,
                                 String feature)
        Report the usage of a resource of interest.

        Original signature: uint32_t report(tResourceType, uint8_t, uint8_t, const char*)

        resource - one of the values in the tResourceType above (max value 51).
        instanceNumber - an index that identifies the resource instance.
        context - an optional additional context number for some cases (such as module number). Set to 0 to omit.
        feature - a string to be included describing features in use on a specific resource. Setting the same resource more than once allows you to change the feature string.
      • nativeGetControlWord

        public static int nativeGetControlWord()
      • getControlWord

        public static void getControlWord​(ControlWord controlWord)
      • isNewControlData

        public static boolean isNewControlData()
      • releaseDSMutex

        public static void releaseDSMutex()
      • waitForDSDataTimeout

        public static boolean waitForDSDataTimeout​(double timeout)
      • getJoystickAxes

        public static short getJoystickAxes​(byte joystickNum,
                                            float[] axesArray)
      • getJoystickPOVs

        public static short getJoystickPOVs​(byte joystickNum,
                                            short[] povsArray)
      • getJoystickButtons

        public static int getJoystickButtons​(byte joystickNum,
                                             ByteBuffer count)
      • setJoystickOutputs

        public static int setJoystickOutputs​(byte joystickNum,
                                             int outputs,
                                             short leftRumble,
                                             short rightRumble)
      • getJoystickIsXbox

        public static int getJoystickIsXbox​(byte joystickNum)
      • getJoystickType

        public static int getJoystickType​(byte joystickNum)
      • getJoystickName

        public static String getJoystickName​(byte joystickNum)
      • getJoystickAxisType

        public static int getJoystickAxisType​(byte joystickNum,
                                              byte axis)
      • getMatchTime

        public static double getMatchTime()
      • getSystemActive

        public static boolean getSystemActive()
      • getBrownedOut

        public static boolean getBrownedOut()
      • getMatchInfo

        public static int getMatchInfo​(MatchInfoData info)
      • sendError

        public static int sendError​(boolean isError,
                                    int errorCode,
                                    boolean isLVCode,
                                    String details,
                                    String location,
                                    String callStack,
                                    boolean printMsg)
      • getPortWithModule

        public static int getPortWithModule​(byte module,
                                            byte channel)
      • getPort

        public static int getPort​(byte channel)