Class VideoProperty

  • public class VideoProperty
    extends Object
    A source or sink property.
    • Method Detail

      • getKindFromInt

        public static VideoProperty.Kind getKindFromInt​(int kind)
        Convert from the numerical representation of kind to an enum type.
        kind - The numerical representation of kind
        The kind
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • isValid

        public boolean isValid()
      • isBoolean

        public boolean isBoolean()
      • isInteger

        public boolean isInteger()
      • isString

        public boolean isString()
      • isEnum

        public boolean isEnum()
      • get

        public int get()
      • set

        public void set​(int value)
      • getMin

        public int getMin()
      • getMax

        public int getMax()
      • getStep

        public int getStep()
      • getDefault

        public int getDefault()
      • getString

        public String getString()
      • setString

        public void setString​(String value)
      • getChoices

        public String[] getChoices()