Class VideoCamera

    • Constructor Detail

      • VideoCamera

        protected VideoCamera​(int handle)
    • Method Detail

      • setBrightness

        public void setBrightness​(int brightness)
        Set the brightness, as a percentage (0-100).
      • getBrightness

        public int getBrightness()
        Get the brightness, as a percentage (0-100).
      • setWhiteBalanceAuto

        public void setWhiteBalanceAuto()
        Set the white balance to auto.
      • setWhiteBalanceHoldCurrent

        public void setWhiteBalanceHoldCurrent()
        Set the white balance to hold current.
      • setWhiteBalanceManual

        public void setWhiteBalanceManual​(int value)
        Set the white balance to manual, with specified color temperature.
      • setExposureAuto

        public void setExposureAuto()
        Set the exposure to auto aperture.
      • setExposureHoldCurrent

        public void setExposureHoldCurrent()
        Set the exposure to hold current.
      • setExposureManual

        public void setExposureManual​(int value)
        Set the exposure to manual, as a percentage (0-100).