WPILibC++  2020.3.2-60-g3011ebe
wpi::PointerIntPairInfo< PointerT, IntBits, PtrTraits > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

enum  : uintptr_t { PointerBitMask, IntShift = (uintptr_t)PtrTraits::NumLowBitsAvailable - IntBits, IntMask = (uintptr_t)(((intptr_t)1 << IntBits) - 1), ShiftedIntMask = (uintptr_t)(IntMask << IntShift) }

Static Public Member Functions

static PointerT getPointer (intptr_t Value)
static intptr_t getInt (intptr_t Value)
static intptr_t updatePointer (intptr_t OrigValue, PointerT Ptr)
static intptr_t updateInt (intptr_t OrigValue, intptr_t Int)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

template<typename PointerT , unsigned IntBits, typename PtrTraits >
anonymous enum : uintptr_t

PointerBitMask - The bits that come from the pointer.


IntShift - The number of low bits that we reserve for other uses, and keep zero.


IntMask - This is the unshifted mask for valid bits of the int type.

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