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cs::UsbCameraInfo Struct Reference

USB camera information. More...

#include <cscore_cpp.h>

Public Attributes

int dev = -1
 Device number (e.g. More...
std::string path
 Path to device if available (e.g. More...
std::string name
 Vendor/model name of the camera as provided by the USB driver.
std::vector< std::string > otherPaths
 Other path aliases to device (e.g. More...

Detailed Description

USB camera information.

Member Data Documentation

int cs::UsbCameraInfo::dev = -1

Device number (e.g.

N in '/dev/videoN' on Linux)

std::vector<std::string> cs::UsbCameraInfo::otherPaths

Other path aliases to device (e.g.

'/dev/v4l/by-id/...' etc on Linux)

std::string cs::UsbCameraInfo::path

Path to device if available (e.g.

'/dev/video0' on Linux)

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