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NT_EntryNotification Struct Reference

NetworkTables Entry Notification. More...

#include <ntcore_c.h>

Public Attributes

NT_EntryListener listener
 Listener that was triggered. More...
NT_Entry entry
 Entry handle. More...
struct NT_String name
 Entry name. More...
struct NT_Value value
 The new value. More...
unsigned int flags
 Update flags. More...

Detailed Description

NetworkTables Entry Notification.

Member Data Documentation

NT_Entry NT_EntryNotification::entry

Entry handle.

unsigned int NT_EntryNotification::flags

Update flags.

For example, NT_NOTIFY_NEW if the key did not previously exist.

NT_EntryListener NT_EntryNotification::listener

Listener that was triggered.

struct NT_String NT_EntryNotification::name

Entry name.

struct NT_Value NT_EntryNotification::value

The new value.

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