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NT_ConnectionInfo Struct Reference

NetworkTables Connection Information. More...

#include <ntcore_c.h>

Public Attributes

struct NT_String remote_id
 The remote identifier (as set on the remote node by NetworkTableInstance::SetNetworkIdentity() or nt::SetNetworkIdentity()).
struct NT_String remote_ip
 The IP address of the remote node.
unsigned int remote_port
 The port number of the remote node.
uint64_t last_update
 The last time any update was received from the remote node (same scale as returned by nt::Now()).
unsigned int protocol_version
 The protocol version being used for this connection. More...

Detailed Description

NetworkTables Connection Information.

Member Data Documentation

◆ protocol_version

unsigned int NT_ConnectionInfo::protocol_version

The protocol version being used for this connection.

This in protocol layer format, so 0x0200 = 2.0, 0x0300 = 3.0).

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