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5 #ifndef CTRE_H
6 #define CTRE_H
8 //Bit Defines
9 #define BIT0 0x01
10 #define BIT1 0x02
11 #define BIT2 0x04
12 #define BIT3 0x08
13 #define BIT4 0x10
14 #define BIT5 0x20
15 #define BIT6 0x40
16 #define BIT7 0x80
17 #define BIT8 0x0100
18 #define BIT9 0x0200
19 #define BIT10 0x0400
20 #define BIT11 0x0800
21 #define BIT12 0x1000
22 #define BIT13 0x2000
23 #define BIT14 0x4000
24 #define BIT15 0x8000
26 //Signed
27 typedef signed char INT8;
28 typedef signed short INT16;
29 typedef signed int INT32;
30 typedef signed long long INT64;
32 //Unsigned
33 typedef unsigned char UINT8;
34 typedef unsigned short UINT16;
35 typedef unsigned int UINT32;
36 typedef unsigned long long UINT64;
38 //Other
39 typedef unsigned char UCHAR;
40 typedef unsigned short USHORT;
41 typedef unsigned int UINT;
42 typedef unsigned long ULONG;
44 typedef enum {
53 }CTR_Code;
55 #include "ctre_frames.h"
57 #endif /* CTRE_H */
Not used.
Definition: ctre.h:47
No Error - Function executed as expected.
Definition: ctre.h:45
CAN Encoder/Decoder Structures for CTRE devices.
Could not transmit the CAN frame.
Definition: ctre.h:50
Caller attempted to insert data into a buffer that is full.
Definition: ctre.h:52
Definition: ctre.h:44
Specified CAN Id is invalid.
Definition: ctre.h:49
Have not received an value response for signal.
Definition: ctre.h:51
Caller passed an invalid param.
Definition: ctre.h:48
CAN frame has not been received within specified period of time.
Definition: ctre.h:46