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wpi::uv::Buffer Class Reference

Data buffer. More...

#include <Buffer.h>

Inheritance diagram for wpi::uv::Buffer:

Public Member Functions

 Buffer (const uv_buf_t &oth)
 Buffer (StringRef str)
 Buffer (ArrayRef< uint8_t > arr)
 Buffer (char *base_, size_t len_)
 Buffer (const char *base_, size_t len_)
ArrayRef< char > data () const
MutableArrayRef< char > data ()
 operator ArrayRef< char > () const
 operator MutableArrayRef< char > ()
Buffer Dup () const
void Deallocate ()
Buffer Move ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Buffer Allocate (size_t size)
static Buffer Dup (StringRef in)
static Buffer Dup (ArrayRef< uint8_t > in)


void swap (Buffer &a, Buffer &b)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from uv_buf_t
char * base
size_t len

Detailed Description

Data buffer.

Convenience wrapper around uv_buf_t.

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