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wpi::sys::fs::mapped_file_region Class Reference

This class represents a memory mapped file. More...

#include <FileSystem.h>

Public Types

enum  mapmode { readonly, readwrite, priv }

Public Member Functions

 mapped_file_region (mapped_file_region &)=delete
mapped_file_regionoperator= (mapped_file_region &)=delete
 mapped_file_region (int fd, mapmode mode, size_t length, uint64_t offset, std::error_code &ec)
size_t size () const
char * data () const
const char * const_data () const
 Get a const view of the data. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int alignment ()

Detailed Description

This class represents a memory mapped file.

It is based on boost::iostreams::mapped_file.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ mapmode


May only access map via const_data as read only.


May access map via data and modify it. Written to path.


May modify via data, but changes are lost on destruction.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ mapped_file_region()

wpi::sys::fs::mapped_file_region::mapped_file_region ( int  fd,
mapmode  mode,
size_t  length,
uint64_t  offset,
std::error_code &  ec 
fdAn open file descriptor to map. mapped_file_region takes ownership if closefd is true. It must have been opended in the correct mode.

Member Function Documentation

◆ alignment()

static int wpi::sys::fs::mapped_file_region::alignment ( )
The minimum alignment offset must be.

◆ const_data()

const char* wpi::sys::fs::mapped_file_region::const_data ( ) const

Get a const view of the data.

Modifying this memory has undefined behavior.

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