WPILibC++  2020.3.2-60-g3011ebe
wpi::sys::fs::directory_entry Class Reference

directory_entry - A single entry in a directory. More...

#include <FileSystem.h>

Public Member Functions

 directory_entry (const Twine &Path, bool FollowSymlinks=true, file_type Type=file_type::type_unknown, basic_file_status Status=basic_file_status())
void replace_filename (const Twine &Filename, file_type Type, basic_file_status Status=basic_file_status())
const std::string & path () const
ErrorOr< basic_file_statusstatus () const
file_type type () const
bool operator== (const directory_entry &RHS) const
bool operator!= (const directory_entry &RHS) const
bool operator< (const directory_entry &RHS) const
bool operator<= (const directory_entry &RHS) const
bool operator> (const directory_entry &RHS) const
bool operator>= (const directory_entry &RHS) const

Detailed Description

directory_entry - A single entry in a directory.

Caches the status either from the result of the iteration syscall, or the first time status is called.

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