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wpi::promise< void > Class Template Referencefinal

Explicit specialization for promise<void>. More...

#include <future.h>

Public Member Functions

 promise ()
 Constructs an empty promise.
 promise (promise &&oth) noexcept
 promise (const promise &)=delete
 ~promise ()
 Sets the promised value if not already set.
promiseoperator= (promise &&oth) noexcept
promiseoperator= (const promise &)=delete
void swap (promise &oth) noexcept
 Swaps this promise with another one.
future< void > get_future () noexcept
 Gets a future for this promise. More...
void set_value ()
 Sets the promised value. More...


class PromiseFactory< void >

Detailed Description

class wpi::promise< void >

Explicit specialization for promise<void>.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_future()

future<void> wpi::promise< void >::get_future ( )

Gets a future for this promise.

The future

◆ set_value()

void wpi::promise< void >::set_value ( )

Sets the promised value.

Only effective once (subsequent calls will be ignored).

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