WPILibC++  2020.3.2-60-g3011ebe
wpi::impl::UidVectorIterator< It > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using iterator_type = std::forward_iterator_tag
using value_type = typename It::value_type
using difference_type = typename It::difference_type
using reference = typename It::reference
using pointer = typename It::pointer

Public Member Functions

 UidVectorIterator (It it, It end)
reference operator* () const noexcept
pointer operator-> () const noexcept
UidVectorIteratoroperator++ () noexcept
UidVectorIterator operator++ (int) noexcept
bool operator== (const UidVectorIterator &oth) const noexcept
bool operator!= (const UidVectorIterator &oth) const noexcept

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