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wpi::hash_code Class Reference

An opaque object representing a hash code. More...

#include <Hashing.h>

Public Member Functions

 hash_code ()=default
 Default construct a hash_code. More...
 hash_code (size_t value)
 Form a hash code directly from a numerical value.
 operator size_t () const
 Convert the hash code to its numerical value for use.


bool operator== (const hash_code &lhs, const hash_code &rhs)
bool operator!= (const hash_code &lhs, const hash_code &rhs)
size_t hash_value (const hash_code &code)
 Allow a hash_code to be directly run through hash_value.

Detailed Description

An opaque object representing a hash code.

This object represents the result of hashing some entity. It is intended to be used to implement hashtables or other hashing-based data structures. While it wraps and exposes a numeric value, this value should not be trusted to be stable or predictable across processes or executions.

In order to obtain the hash_code for an object 'x':

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wpi::hash_code::hash_code ( )

Default construct a hash_code.

Note that this leaves the value uninitialized.

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