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wpi::detail::other_error Class Reference

exception indicating other library errors More...

#include <json.h>

Inheritance diagram for wpi::detail::other_error:

Static Public Member Functions

static other_error create (int id_, const Twine &what_arg)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from wpi::detail::exception
const char * what () const noexcept override
 returns the explanatory string
- Public Attributes inherited from wpi::detail::exception
const int id
 the id of the exception
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wpi::detail::exception
 exception (int id_, const Twine &what_arg)

Detailed Description

exception indicating other library errors

This exception is thrown in case of errors that cannot be classified with the other exception types.

Exceptions have ids 5xx.

name / id example message description
json.exception.other_error.501 unsuccessful: {"op":"test","path":"/baz", "value":"bar"} A JSON Patch operation 'test' failed. The unsuccessful operation is also printed.
See also
exception for the base class of the library exceptions
parse_error for exceptions indicating a parse error
invalid_iterator for exceptions indicating errors with iterators
type_error for exceptions indicating executing a member function with a wrong type
out_of_range for exceptions indicating access out of the defined range

@liveexample{The following code shows how an other_error exception can be caught.,other_error}

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