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wpi::detail::SafeThreadOwnerBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for wpi::detail::SafeThreadOwnerBase:
wpi::SafeThreadOwner< JCallbackThread< T > > wpi::SafeThreadOwner< Thread > wpi::SafeThreadOwner< wpi::detail::WorkerThreadThread > wpi::SafeThreadOwner< T > wpi::java::JCallbackManager< T > wpi::java::JSingletonCallbackManager< T >

Public Member Functions

void Stop ()
void Join ()
 SafeThreadOwnerBase (const SafeThreadOwnerBase &)=delete
SafeThreadOwnerBaseoperator= (const SafeThreadOwnerBase &)=delete
 SafeThreadOwnerBase (SafeThreadOwnerBase &&other) noexcept
SafeThreadOwnerBaseoperator= (SafeThreadOwnerBase other) noexcept
 operator bool () const
std::thread::native_handle_type GetNativeThreadHandle ()
void SetJoinAtExit (bool joinAtExit)

Protected Member Functions

void Start (std::shared_ptr< SafeThread > thr)
std::shared_ptr< SafeThreadGetThread () const


void swap (SafeThreadOwnerBase &lhs, SafeThreadOwnerBase &rhs) noexcept

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