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wpi::WebSocketServer Class Reference

Dedicated WebSocket server. More...

#include <WebSocketServer.h>

Inheritance diagram for wpi::WebSocketServer:


struct  ServerOptions
 Server options. More...

Public Member Functions

 WebSocketServer (uv::Stream &stream, ArrayRef< StringRef > protocols, const ServerOptions &options, const private_init &)
 Private constructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::shared_ptr
< WebSocketServer
Create (uv::Stream &stream, ArrayRef< StringRef > protocols=ArrayRef< StringRef >{}, const ServerOptions &options=ServerOptions{})
 Starts a dedicated WebSocket server on the provided connection. More...

Public Attributes

sig::Signal< StringRef,
WebSocket & > 
 Connected event. More...

Detailed Description

Dedicated WebSocket server.

Member Function Documentation

static std::shared_ptr<WebSocketServer> wpi::WebSocketServer::Create ( uv::Stream stream,
ArrayRef< StringRef protocols = ArrayRefStringRef >{},
const ServerOptions options = ServerOptions{} 

Starts a dedicated WebSocket server on the provided connection.

The connection should be an accepted client stream. This also sets the stream user data to the socket server. A connected event is emitted when the connection is opened.

streamConnection stream
protocolsAcceptable subprotocols
optionsHandshake options

Member Data Documentation

sig::Signal<StringRef, WebSocket&> wpi::WebSocketServer::connected

Connected event.

First parameter is the URL, second is the websocket.

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