WPILibC++  2020.3.2-60-g3011ebe
wpi::UDPClient Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 UDPClient (Logger &logger)
 UDPClient (const Twine &address, Logger &logger)
 UDPClient (const UDPClient &other)=delete
 UDPClient (UDPClient &&other)
UDPClientoperator= (const UDPClient &other)=delete
UDPClientoperator= (UDPClient &&other)
int start ()
int start (int port)
void shutdown ()
int send (ArrayRef< uint8_t > data, const Twine &server, int port)
int send (StringRef data, const Twine &server, int port)
int receive (uint8_t *data_received, int receive_len)
int receive (uint8_t *data_received, int receive_len, SmallVectorImpl< char > *addr_received, int *port_received)
int set_timeout (double timeout)

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