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wpi::TCPStream Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

size_t send (const char *buffer, size_t len, Error *err) override
size_t receive (char *buffer, size_t len, Error *err, int timeout=0) override
void close () override
StringRef getPeerIP () const override
int getPeerPort () const override
void setNoDelay () override
bool setBlocking (bool enabled) override
int getNativeHandle () const override
 TCPStream (const TCPStream &stream)=delete
TCPStreamoperator= (const TCPStream &)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from wpi::NetworkStream
 NetworkStream (const NetworkStream &)=delete
NetworkStreamoperator= (const NetworkStream &)=delete


class TCPAcceptor
class TCPConnector

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from wpi::NetworkStream
enum  Error { kConnectionClosed = 0, kConnectionReset = -1, kConnectionTimedOut = -2, kWouldBlock = -3 }

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