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wpi::ErrorInfo< ThisErrT, ParentErrT > Class Template Reference

Base class for user error types. More...

#include <Error.h>

Inheritance diagram for wpi::ErrorInfo< ThisErrT, ParentErrT >:

Public Member Functions

const void * dynamicClassID () const override
bool isA (const void *const ClassID) const override

Static Public Member Functions

static const void * classID ()

Detailed Description

template<typename ThisErrT, typename ParentErrT = ErrorInfoBase>
class wpi::ErrorInfo< ThisErrT, ParentErrT >

Base class for user error types.

Users should declare their error types like:

class MyError : public ErrorInfo<MyError> { .... };

This class provides an implementation of the ErrorInfoBase::kind method, which is used by the Error RTTI system.

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