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hal::impl::SimCallbackRegistryBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for hal::impl::SimCallbackRegistryBase:
hal::impl::SimDataValueBase< T, MakeValue > hal::SimCallbackRegistry< CallbackFunction, GetName > hal::SimDataValue< T, MakeValue, GetName, GetDefault >

Public Types

using RawFunctor ) = void(*)(

Public Member Functions

void Cancel (int32_t uid)
void Reset ()
wpi::recursive_spinlockGetMutex ()

Protected Types

using CallbackVector = wpi::UidVector< HalCallbackListener< RawFunctor >, 4 >

Protected Member Functions

int32_t DoRegister (RawFunctor callback, void *param)

Protected Attributes

wpi::recursive_spinlock m_mutex
std::unique_ptr< CallbackVectorm_callbacks

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