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hal::UnlimitedHandleResource< THandle, TStruct, enumValue > Class Template Reference

The UnlimitedHandleResource class is a way to track handles. More...

#include <UnlimitedHandleResource.h>

Inheritance diagram for hal::UnlimitedHandleResource< THandle, TStruct, enumValue >:

Public Member Functions

 UnlimitedHandleResource (const UnlimitedHandleResource &)=delete
UnlimitedHandleResourceoperator= (const UnlimitedHandleResource &)=delete
THandle Allocate (std::shared_ptr< TStruct > structure)
std::shared_ptr< TStruct > Get (THandle handle)
std::shared_ptr< TStruct > Free (THandle handle)
void ResetHandles () override
template<typename Functor >
void ForEach (Functor func)
- Public Member Functions inherited from hal::HandleBase
 HandleBase (const HandleBase &)=delete
HandleBaseoperator= (const HandleBase &)=delete


class UnlimitedHandleResourceTest

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from hal::HandleBase
static void ResetGlobalHandles ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from hal::HandleBase
int16_t m_version

Detailed Description

template<typename THandle, typename TStruct, HAL_HandleEnum enumValue>
class hal::UnlimitedHandleResource< THandle, TStruct, enumValue >

The UnlimitedHandleResource class is a way to track handles.

This version allows an unlimted number of handles that are allocated sequentially. When possible, indices are reused to save memory usage and keep the array length down. However, automatic array management has not been implemented, but might be in the future. Because we have to loop through the allocator, we must use a global mutex.

Template Parameters
THandleThe Handle Type (Must be typedefed from HAL_Handle)
TStructThe struct type held by this resource
enumValueThe type value stored in the handle

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