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frc::sim::RelaySim Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 RelaySim (int index)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterInitializedForwardCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetInitializedForward () const
void SetInitializedForward (bool initializedForward)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterInitializedReverseCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetInitializedReverse () const
void SetInitializedReverse (bool initializedReverse)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterForwardCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetForward () const
void SetForward (bool forward)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterReverseCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetReverse () const
void SetReverse (bool reverse)
void ResetData ()

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