WPILibC++  2020.3.2-60-g3011ebe
frc::sim::DIOSim Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DIOSim (int index)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterInitializedCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetInitialized () const
void SetInitialized (bool initialized)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterValueCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetValue () const
void SetValue (bool value)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterPulseLengthCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
double GetPulseLength () const
void SetPulseLength (double pulseLength)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterIsInputCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
bool GetIsInput () const
void SetIsInput (bool isInput)
std::unique_ptr< CallbackStoreRegisterFilterIndexCallback (NotifyCallback callback, bool initialNotify)
int GetFilterIndex () const
void SetFilterIndex (int filterIndex)
void ResetData ()

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