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frc::DMASample Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for frc::DMASample:

Public Member Functions

HAL_DMAReadStatus Update (const DMA *dma, units::second_t timeout, int32_t *remaining, int32_t *status)
uint64_t GetTime () const
units::second_t GetTimeStamp () const
int32_t GetEncoderRaw (const Encoder *encoder, int32_t *status) const
double GetEncoderDistance (const Encoder *encoder, int32_t *status) const
int32_t GetEncoderPeriodRaw (const Encoder *encoder, int32_t *status) const
int32_t GetCounter (const Counter *counter, int32_t *status) const
int32_t GetCounterPeriod (const Counter *counter, int32_t *status) const
bool GetDigitalSource (const DigitalSource *digitalSource, int32_t *status) const
int32_t GetAnalogInputRaw (const AnalogInput *analogInput, int32_t *status) const
double GetAnalogInputVoltage (const AnalogInput *analogInput, int32_t *status)
int32_t GetAveragedAnalogInputRaw (const AnalogInput *analogInput, int32_t *status) const
double GetAveragedAnalogInputVoltage (const AnalogInput *analogInput, int32_t *status)
void GetAnalogAccumulator (const AnalogInput *analogInput, int64_t *count, int64_t *value, int32_t *status) const
int32_t GetDutyCycleOutputRaw (const DutyCycle *dutyCycle, int32_t *status) const
double GetDutyCycleOutput (const DutyCycle *dutyCycle, int32_t *status)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from HAL_DMASample
uint32_t readBuffer [74]
int32_t channelOffsets [22]
uint64_t timeStamp
uint32_t captureSize
uint8_t triggerChannels

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