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cs::VideoListener Class Reference

An event listener. More...

#include <cscore_oo.h>

Public Member Functions

 VideoListener (std::function< void(const VideoEvent &event)> callback, int eventMask, bool immediateNotify)
 Create an event listener. More...
 VideoListener (const VideoListener &)=delete
VideoListeneroperator= (const VideoListener &)=delete
 VideoListener (VideoListener &&other) noexcept
VideoListeneroperator= (VideoListener &&other) noexcept


void swap (VideoListener &first, VideoListener &second) noexcept

Detailed Description

An event listener.

This calls back to a desigated callback function when an event matching the specified mask is generated by the library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoListener()

cs::VideoListener::VideoListener ( std::function< void(const VideoEvent &event)>  callback,
int  eventMask,
bool  immediateNotify 

Create an event listener.

callbackCallback function
eventMaskBitmask of VideoEvent::Kind values
immediateNotifyWhether callback should be immediately called with a representative set of events for the current library state.

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