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cs::VideoEvent Class Reference

An event generated by the library and provided to event listeners. More...

#include <cscore_oo.h>

Inheritance diagram for cs::VideoEvent:

Public Member Functions

VideoSource GetSource () const
 Get the source associated with the event (if any).
VideoSink GetSink () const
 Get the sink associated with the event (if any).
VideoProperty GetProperty () const
 Get the property associated with the event (if any).
- Public Member Functions inherited from cs::RawEvent
 RawEvent (RawEvent::Kind kind_)
 RawEvent (const wpi::Twine &name_, CS_Handle handle_, RawEvent::Kind kind_)
 RawEvent (const wpi::Twine &name_, CS_Source source_, const VideoMode &mode_)
 RawEvent (const wpi::Twine &name_, CS_Source source_, RawEvent::Kind kind_, CS_Property property_, CS_PropertyKind propertyKind_, int value_, const wpi::Twine &valueStr_)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cs::RawEvent
enum  Kind {
  kSourceCreated = CS_SOURCE_CREATED, kSourceDestroyed = CS_SOURCE_DESTROYED, kSourceConnected = CS_SOURCE_CONNECTED, kSourceDisconnected = CS_SOURCE_DISCONNECTED,
  kSourceVideoModesUpdated = CS_SOURCE_VIDEOMODES_UPDATED, kSourceVideoModeChanged = CS_SOURCE_VIDEOMODE_CHANGED, kSourcePropertyCreated = CS_SOURCE_PROPERTY_CREATED, kSourcePropertyValueUpdated = CS_SOURCE_PROPERTY_VALUE_UPDATED,
  kSourcePropertyChoicesUpdated = CS_SOURCE_PROPERTY_CHOICES_UPDATED, kSinkSourceChanged = CS_SINK_SOURCE_CHANGED, kSinkCreated = CS_SINK_CREATED, kSinkDestroyed = CS_SINK_DESTROYED,
  kSinkEnabled = CS_SINK_ENABLED, kSinkDisabled = CS_SINK_DISABLED, kNetworkInterfacesChanged = CS_NETWORK_INTERFACES_CHANGED, kTelemetryUpdated = CS_TELEMETRY_UPDATED,
  kSinkPropertyCreated = CS_SINK_PROPERTY_CREATED, kSinkPropertyValueUpdated = CS_SINK_PROPERTY_VALUE_UPDATED, kSinkPropertyChoicesUpdated = CS_SINK_PROPERTY_CHOICES_UPDATED
- Public Attributes inherited from cs::RawEvent
Kind kind
CS_Source sourceHandle = CS_INVALID_HANDLE
CS_Sink sinkHandle = CS_INVALID_HANDLE
std::string name
VideoMode mode
CS_Property propertyHandle
CS_PropertyKind propertyKind
int value
std::string valueStr

Detailed Description

An event generated by the library and provided to event listeners.

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