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cs::SinkImpl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cs::SinkImpl:

Public Member Functions

 SinkImpl (llvm::StringRef name)
 SinkImpl (const SinkImpl &queue)=delete
SinkImploperator= (const SinkImpl &queue)=delete
llvm::StringRef GetName () const
void SetDescription (llvm::StringRef description)
llvm::StringRef GetDescription (llvm::SmallVectorImpl< char > &buf) const
void Enable ()
void Disable ()
void SetEnabled (bool enabled)
void SetSource (std::shared_ptr< SourceImpl > source)
std::shared_ptr< SourceImplGetSource () const
std::string GetError () const
llvm::StringRef GetError (llvm::SmallVectorImpl< char > &buf) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetSourceImpl (std::shared_ptr< SourceImpl > source)

Protected Attributes

wpi::mutex m_mutex

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