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cs::Notifier Class Reference


class  Thread

Public Member Functions

void Start ()
void Stop ()
void SetOnStart (std::function< void()> on_start)
void SetOnExit (std::function< void()> on_exit)
int AddListener (std::function< void(const RawEvent &event)> callback, int eventMask)
void RemoveListener (int uid)
void NotifySource (llvm::StringRef name, CS_Source source, CS_EventKind kind)
void NotifySource (const SourceImpl &source, CS_EventKind kind)
void NotifySourceVideoMode (const SourceImpl &source, const VideoMode &mode)
void NotifySourceProperty (const SourceImpl &source, CS_EventKind kind, llvm::StringRef propertyName, int property, CS_PropertyKind propertyKind, int value, llvm::StringRef valueStr)
void NotifySink (llvm::StringRef name, CS_Sink sink, CS_EventKind kind)
void NotifySink (const SinkImpl &sink, CS_EventKind kind)
void NotifySinkSourceChanged (llvm::StringRef name, CS_Sink sink, CS_Source source)
void NotifyNetworkInterfacesChanged ()
void NotifyTelemetryUpdated ()

Static Public Member Functions

static NotifierGetInstance ()
static bool destroyed ()


class NotifierTest

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